Published on August 12 2016

If you've never heard of him, he's one of my fav's. This is one of his compilations but there are tons more there if you like it. (They're not my postings, I just happened to find them.)

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Written by Asibella

Published on August 12 2016

How Digital Video Can Improve Your Web Rank

We all go online for content, right? The thing is, if it wasn't for content, the world wide web wouldn't exist. Now, video consumes the majority of all network use, at least in terms of bandwidth utilization.

Although often it may be much faster to scan a ordinary website page of text to obtain the particular information that you need, the truth is people enjoy being entertained. If they get the information they desire through a video of an actual person as opposed to reading plain text, most people generally favor this particular format. We're all social creatures and prefer to feel a link with others. Video help us understand who we're dealing with.

Also, in a standard on-line search for information and facts, web sites having video enjoy a greatly increased potential for appearing within the top search results. This happens because the search engines are aware that this is the main sort of web content people want. Due to this fact, including related video on the website pages might help boost your rankings significantly.

Right this moment, people nearby may be looking to buy the products and services that you provide. Research has proven that many people that watch video on their phone will more likely of becoming a customer. You get just a few moments on your web site to catch their interest and seem like somebody that they want to buy products and services from. Video can help you make the most of such initial crucial few seconds.

Some people avoid making videos because they may have thought it's hard to make them. That isn't automatically true, however. Based on your specific niche, a video doesn't need to look like studio quality. In fact, often people are interested in authentic videos of real people doing real activities. This is quite easy to do by getting a friend to video you doing something as you give an explanation of it. In the event make a video, don't make it seem like a sales video. If you do a good job of talking about probable challenges and circumstances where they could go awry, your business' value is going to be apparent because it's implied you can help them avoid those problems, but you don't have to actually say so. It is also an excellent idea to finish your videos with a Call to Action that features business' contact information. Offering at least one such video along with relevant details can help demonstrate your skills that will create a lot more trust with your site visitor.

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Written by Asibella

Published on June 23 2016

How Social Engagement Improves SEO

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most common ways in which buyers search the net. The search engines rank the final results by deciding which particular web page, movie, or image is most relevant to the end user. Search Engine Optimization is an important method by which you are able to benefit from the sets of rules used by these major search engines to ensure your website content comes out in the top - if you do so correctly, that is, and that's the trick isn't it :)

The thing is that SEO has changed drastically. Once upon a time it was all about keywords and lots of backlinks. While most websites basically just ensure that particular keywords strongly related to their probable visitor are dotted across all the pages, it normally takes a lot more than only keyword repetition to produce a successful Search Engine Optimization plan. In addition it usually requires an efficient, focused social involvement strategy.

Link-building, or making the greatest number of links as you can to your site, has stopped being an effective way to drive up search engine rankings. As of late most search engines like Google would rather look at the amount of people sharing, bookmarking and Tweeting about your site. Yahoo, for instance, is focused on the value you provide to customers. You can declare that yours is the best quality online shop on the internet, however if you don't have the social evidence to confirm that, then the search engines likely will not give you a high rank.

Remember, search engines do their best not to reward spam. They are dedicated to making sure that users find the information and facts they're hunting for, instead of just social network accounts with only links to more links. The reason for that is the search engines aren't only considering the amount of exposure on social media, but whether or not it's real.

Social network subscribers bookmarking your website are far more beneficial to your search engine results than spamming your social network profiles with links to your web site. The search engines also need to make certain the service they provide is successful. Another consideration is that many people rely on social networks in order to develop their impressions about your company depending on both what you present and what other people are saying about you. Consider a situation in which a stranger told you to call a company you had never heard of. Now imagine if your best friend suggested you to call that same company. That is the contrast between you marketing your own website, and other people in social media systems doing the marketing instead of you.

Ultimately, the primary benefit of social media is that it allows you to converse with existing and potential customers. Consumers decide to buy from people who they know, like, and trust. Social networking will be able to help you build them prior to any consumer purchasing decision so they are going to be a good deal more likely to decide to buy from you later.

Plus, sometimes social media can be fun if you let it. Although you can be formal about it, it's a lot more fun if you just try to let go a little, don't try to be all salesy about it, and be professional while still having fun online. Be a real person and people will appreciate you for it.

There's a party on Facebook - you coming? :)

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Written by Asibella

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Published on June 1 2016

Sup?? This is Asi - welcome to my little corner in the digital world. Well, one of them anyway :) I *love* clubbing so you'll understand the reason for my pics LOL. And a big shout out to Amy for the crazy-good job she did on on my profile pic, that Photoshop stuff is incredible OMG. I look like I went to glamour shots or something! Anyway, I wanted to put a post here on the blog just to start things off. Aside from my night life, I'm a grad student but have really got into music and video production and although I'm certainly planning to finish grad school, I really like the aspects of video production and working with creative artists to get their products online so other people can see how good they are. I can't talk about stuff for the company I work for obviously but I can certainly talk about things in the industry so keep your eyes open :)

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Written by Asibella